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The Black community is not a monolith: cleavages abound. Differences in social class (income, education, occupation), region, age, religion, gender, and even skin tone exist. However, given the Black community’s unique history in the United States, these differences are far from insuperable. As scholars who specialize in the study of the Black community, we have a firm grasp on the circumstances under which its preferences are likely to converge as well as diverge.

Academic Rigor,
Real-World Issues


As college professors, we apply the same attention to detail to our clients’ projects as we do to our own research. This is no small thing since publication in academic outlets must survive peer review. Rigor, therefore, is at a premium.

The stakes for our clients are, dare we say, high. They need information–accurate information–in order to win campaigns and craft messages that appeal to, and benefit, the Black community.

For these reasons, we bring our exacting standards to bear on the research we conduct for clients.


Our reputation depends on it.

How it Works

Our Approach

Ours is a theory-driven approach to data collection and analysis. For instance, given the unique history of Black people in America, race and perceptions of racism often inform how they respond to campaign issues and candidates.   Any campaign hoping to secure the support of the Black community must first understand this.  We know this because we teach it.  Whatever our clients’ objectives, we make sure to inform them why race and the perception of racism are important to the Black community, especially in how it evaluates campaigns and candidates.

Our Services

Our business focuses on two main services: Campaign Consulting and Issue Advocacy.


What are the issues that Black voters care about? How can this campaign mobilize the Black community? What do Black people think about my candidate compared to other candidates in the field? Black insights helps clients identify the most appropriate way to answer such questions, executes the data collection, interprets the results, and furnishes the clients with options.

Issue Advocacy

What does your organization care about? Does it involve equal rights? Poverty? Education? Whatever the issue(s) we can assist you in finding out where the Black community stands.

In the News

Professor Christopher Parker discussing Black Turnout on Spectrum News.

Drawing on a new survey conducted by Black Insights Research and the Black Voter Project, Dr. Parker shares his thoughts on the 2024 election cycle and geopolitics with Tavis.

Latest Research

Our latest research, in partnership with TargetSmart, focuses on the real world causes of voter enthusiasm in the Black community, a subject which has critical impacts on the upcoming election.


Here are a few of the organizations with whom we’ve worked.


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