About BLACK insights

If the data and analysis are questionable, the results are not conducive to sound decision-making.  Founded by professional social scientists, Black insights furnishes our clients  with PhD-level research design and data analysis, an approach that yields actionable results.

Our Story

What We Do & Why We Do it

By now, it should be clear that these are perilous times–mainly because the country is ripping apart at the seams. As scholars who specialize in the study of race and racism, this is nothing new to us. Since the founding of the republic, race (and racism) has been at the center of American politics and society. Our research makes use of theory-driven quantitative and qualitative approaches to the study of race and racism in American politics.

This includes how racism impacts the Black community, as well how it (the Black community) responds to the imposition of such barriers. We do this kind of work in the hopes of understanding the conditions under which America will, at long last, achieve multiracial democracy.

Our Mission


Data is destiny inasmuch as it is a major source of information on which our clients base decisions. As such, the mission of Black Insights is to furnish accurate, timely results driven by cutting-edge social-science theory and methods. In the end, we aim to provide our clients with the information they need in order to make the best decision under the prevailing circumstances.