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The Black Vote

WHY The vote is important to Black people.

Consider our history. Our forebears arrived in 1619, but we weren’t permitted to fully participate in the political process until 1965. Absent access to the ballot, we were reduced to chattel, and second-class citizenship in post-bellum America. For roughly 350 years (1619-1965), many Black folks died for the franchise, including those who went to war for it. We mention this to highlight the historical import of the ballot to the Black community. In the current moment, the ballot is the best way for us to arrest the anti-democratic, racist forces that have dominated American life for the last 10-plus years. As our research suggests, the Black community responds to racial threat by turning out, supporting Democrats, in swing states in 2020:

In short, if we know why the Black community turned out in 2020, we can do the same for your campaign.


The Numbers You Need to Know

At the heart of any campaign are the numbers.

How many people believe in your message? How many people believe enough to support your candidate? Which issues speak loudest to them?

When you need to reach Black audiences, make sure you know the numbers.

Black Insights Research specializes in:

  • Benchmark Polls
  • Issue polls
  • Longitudinal surveys: tracking the same respondents over time
  • Campaign messaging; messaging experiments
  • Survey experiments
  • Focus groups
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