As we look toward the 2024 general election, new results from our latest public opinion survey offer unique insight into Black political attitudes and behavior. The survey is part of the Black Voter Project public opinion poll series. The latest survey is a national (nonpartisan) public opinion poll that focuses on collecting rigorous and representative data of Black Americans, something seldom found in Beltway polling. The 2024 National Black Voter Project (BVP) survey was fielded from March 29 – April 18, surveying respondents about politics and society. A total of 2,004 African-American respondents were interviewed, and the survey had an average interview length of 18 mins. The survey, administered by YouGov, was stratified across age, education, gender, and region, collecting a nationally representative sample of respondents from all 50 states. The survey serves as the first of a multi-wave longitudinal study collecting recontact data in the months leading up to the election.